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    Do you crave quality, an optimal woman’s cut, and smart sustainable materials which are made in Italy? YES. We’ve got it all!

    However, we have decided not to talk about it anymore. WHY? Because for us, this is an integral part of our business that justifies our entrepreneurship.

    What do we enjoy talking about? We manufacture killer cycling kits that feel just the way they look. FULL STOP!

    We don’t indulge in mediocrity. If you are looking in traditional pigeon-holes, you won’t find us. We don’t need to explain ourselves. In saying so, we don’t represent platitudes and #girlsridetoo topics.  


    But... we are fully aware of what it means to discover and release STRENGTH. We feel the positive CHANGES that accompany cycling. And we celebrate the core of our passion which propels us, our HEART, the love for cycling. That’s what KAMA stands for.