In order to combine her hobby - racing cycling - with her job as a freelance entrepreneur and graphic designer, Katharina founded KAMA. Cycling. The idea behind it was to found a label for racing cyclists, mountain bikers and triathletes. Via her label for power athletes, she also met Donata in early 2019 - also a self-employed entrepreneur and founder of the TRI OUT girls. It quickly became clear that the two of them not only have a love for cycling and cycling fashion in common, but also a desire to network women in these sports. So both decided to pull together professionally, to further develop the brand and to expand the product categories.


Female athletes are mostly underrepresented in cycling or triathlon. There is a lack of tangible role models with which girls can identify. A look at domestic racing start lists shows that women are fundamentally less confident than men and are often left alone with their doubts and reservations.

What is missing is the belief in oneself and in one's own strength, which prevents many from correctly assessing themselves in terms of sport. However, when women support one another and are there for one another, wonderful, great things can come about. This is what Katharina and Donata are campaigning for together - this is what KAMA stands for.!