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    Be there when we make history! Join the KAMA.Team on exciting events and adventures in 2024. Their pursuit of excellence and continuous development, their passion and their confidence make them pioneers for the future of female cycling.

    Valerie Rupitsch

    "The 2024 season will be great: Glocknerkönig, Supergiro Dolomiti, L'Etappe by TdF in Nice, Ötztaler Cycle Marathon and, to round off the season, the Istria300."

    "I always have fun on the bike, but when things get tough, the GGG combo helps - Gigi D'Agostino, Guetta and rubber stuff."

    "The moment that shaped me as a racing cyclist was when I unexpectedly crossed the finish line at the Istria300 in 2023 as the first woman in the middle distance and was greeted and hugged by my loved ones."

    Anja Gleichweit

    "On the road bike, the GranGuanche 2023 left its mark on me. My first bikepacking race with one of my best friends after a not so easy time before that gave me a lot of self-confidence for future projects."

    “Exploring and trying new things helps me to keep my motivation high, e.g. new routes, a new race or a new café.”

    "In 2024, the focus will be on triathlon. The road bike highlight was already the GranGuanche in January. There will be a bikepacking holiday in the fall."

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