Do you know Valeska? She is Bla boss, a passionate cyclist and part of our KAMA.Family. On their Instagram channel you can experience breathtaking cycling adventures with her. Her pictures and texts motivate you to go to your own limits more often, to compete exclusively with yourself and to jump into the saddle just because it's stormy, raining or snowing outside. One of her recent experiences - driving from Valeska's home to Paris in one piece - she recounts for us here: 

I recently heard that it is a psychological phenomenon that many people make crazy plans but seldom carry them out because the making alone is enough for the brain as an adventure experience.
I'm different there, we're different there, and so we decided within a few moments to make the stupid and great 500km drive to Paris easy in one piece.
It's really only possible to make it easy if you know a little bit what you're getting into, know yourself, look for a challenge and not only see goals every now and then, but want to achieve them and go beyond them. 
510 km, 21 hours driving time, that's something I haven't done before and of course it could have been downright awful. How many people do I know who can no longer or do not want to sit on the saddle after a few hours. 
I didn't have to change pants, jersey or baselayer. I rode and rode and my gear consisted of my body, bike and Kama Pro X Bib, Jersey & Baselayer Fortitude, Vest Core Mid and Heart & Stripes Socks. I felt comfortable, could slip in and nothing pinched, fidgeted, annoyed or cut. 
The only true cyclista gear I needed for this adventure. 
So this ride was a test ride in order to be able to say that nine specified hours are great and true, but 21 hours are also possible and the question now arises, what and how long will come next?
|| pic by  David Lemanski ||