When developing the bibs with our Italian partner, we put a lot of time and heart into comfort, performance, design and fit, because well-fitting and high-quality cycling shorts offer the most added value for road cyclists. 

The result is 2 different, women-specific women's cycling shorts that offer a lot:

  • Both bibs are made from 100% recycled material. Recycled PET bottles are processed into snippets and spun into threads by heat. The functional properties of the end material are not only in no way inferior to conventional functional pants, the fabric also feels incredibly light and extremely comfortable on the skin. Furthermore, the material dries extremely quickly and is also very durable due to the processing.
  • The seams are 4-needle-stitch flat seams that leave no pressure points or chafing, especially on soft, sensitive skin.

  • The straps of the pants are made of mesh material - which also guarantees air permeability and quick drying.

The difference between the two bibs lies in the wheel pad and the leg ends:

  • The CORE Bib has an extra cuff with silicone dots in the leg end area. The extra width and the slightly longer cut of the pants in general adapts extremely well to the female anatomy. Translated, this means no more squeezing, no more constriction. The compressing property also makes the thighs look slimmer. The bike pad used is designed for tours up to 6 hours and, thanks to special perforations and embossing, has the optimal shape for lady parts in motion ;) The 12mm thickness also allows the pad to dry faster than conventional models for women.
  • The PRO Bib has a laser-cut ending instead of the extra wide cuff. This finish makes the trousers unnoticeable on the legs. Especially during longer to extremely long days in the saddle (ultra distances or bikepacking) there are fewer cramps and less constriction in the thighs. The slightly longer cut of the trousers adapts extremely well to the female anatomy, which means no more pinching, no more constriction. The compressing property makes the thigh look slimmer. In addition, the PRO Bib has a pocket in the rear area of the straps - for objects that "women" want to carry with them unseen - or the radio when running. The wheel padding used for this is designed for tours of up to 8 hours and more and, thanks to a 2-layer structure and a thickness of 16mm, has extra protection and air permeability - it dries faster than conventional high-end models for women.